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Only a handfull of people will find this usefull.


Why does Reverse psychology works?


Reverse psychology is based on an emotional phenomenon called “reactance” that describes what in practice is that negative emotion that the mind generates when someone tries to convince us of something.
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It’s Not What You Know, But How Much You Know?


The map is not the territory!nlp-diagram-map-territory

You have your own way of understanding the world around you. Your perception does not mean that this is reality. You can not always have all the information, just as you can not find on a map the smallest details. Your map is your representation of reality rather than reality itself.
You create this map by filtering information through the senses, language, beliefs and values, and through your experience.
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Do you know yourself? What type of personality do you have? Discover here MBTI and Jung’s developed psychological typologies.

imagesPeople are different yet similar. Each individual is unique in its own way and it can be easily put in a group, the selection would be made based on the criteria that defines its personality.
These classifications are useful not only for us to know ourselves better, but to know and to anticipate the reactions of others to a certain point, so to know others better as well. One of the most popular and commonly used classification of personality types is MBTI (MyersBriggs Type Indicator) that distinguishes 16 types of personality. Criterias by which it is achieved this classification are: Continue reading