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Principles of giving effective feedback


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Feedback is a tool used permanently, regardless of the field, both in personal life and professional life. We will learn together three types of feedback, how to use feedback to have results and how not to use it so that it does not turn into a boomerang that can turn against us.

Giving feedback in a professional manner leads to improved behavior of people with whom we are working with, will generate effective communication regardless of the position we give it (manager, employee, colleague, spouse, parent, business partner). Continue reading

Handwriting analysis (graphology).


Graphology or handwriting analysis is an effective means of deciphering the personality and behavior of people, being used more and more in  recruitment and hiring, interviews and selections, counseling and career planning, as well as character analysis of the persons that violates the law.

In the late ’90s, most American companies and organizations used (and still use) handwriting analysis for recruitment and selection, personnel testing (psychological testing) and motivation. “The Wall Street Journal” in 1988, published the following news: in France, Spain, Holland and Israel about 80% of the top 500 fastest growing companies use handwriting analysis in human resource management, having consultants in graphology or having experts in handwriting analysis employed full-time. Continue reading

Benefits of emotional detachment.


Emotional detachment is a state characterized by calm, is the ability to not be influenced by the people around you, the events or the avalanche of your own thoughts.

Emotional detachment helps you keep your balance and not take things in a very personal manner.

Emotional detachment is not the same as indifference, nor does it mean that interest or emotions are missing.
Indifferent people have no interest in anything and are usually passive. Authentic emotional detachment is different. It is an attitude that involves common sense, openness and a good behavior. Continue reading

What is Emotional Intelligence and how we use it in our career


Researches conducted by human resources specialists around the world have shown that people who have high emotional intelligence coefficient (EQ) are more successful in their career. So, your professional rise whether it’s engineering, banking, medicine, sales etc.., Is determined not only by your cognitive intelligence ( measured by IQ coefficient), but also by the level of emotional intelligence (EQ). Continue reading

Achieving and keeping your inner balance


Who has not experienced the feeling that the day is too short, or don’t have time for important things, feels tired before the workday is started? These negative feelings are manifestations of imbalance in our lives, but they can be removed. Continue reading