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Be brave to be free. The Invincible Leader.


“TELL me a story about when you were a great soldier. Tell me about one of the battles you won,” said a little boy to his grandfather.

The old man had been a colonel in the Austrian army for many years and could recount fierce tales of conquest by his troops. But today he shook his head as he took the boy upon his knee.

“I will tell you, instead,” he said, “of the greatest battle I ever lost, which was won by braver men than mine.” Continue reading

Are you a one Marshmallow or two Marshmallow Type of Person?|| Marshmallow experiment || Psychology

Marshmallow Test (leading personality)

The Marshmallow Experiment was developed by psychologist Walter Mischel in the 60s and 70s, when he was a professor at Stanford University.

Walter Mischel had tested the ability of preschoolers (with an average age of 4 years and a half) to resist the temptation of eating a marshmallow, they could eat it right away or wait 15 minutes until the experimenter returned. If they waited, they would get an extra marshmallow. A child out of three was able to resist and wait the time set to get a second marshmallow. Here’s an experiment conducted after the model of the 60s:

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