Are you a student? You want to follow specialized courses or to deepen your knowledge and need all the support in the world to learn better and faster? Today we present 5 simple steps that can help improve  your way of understanding things and maybe improve the grades you receive in class. In this way, you can effectively divide between sessions of examinations or tests and social life ..

Practical learning

1. Put your subconscious to work!
After a full day of learning and taking notes, it is preferable to go home and relax. A break of one hour can only do better. After this period of disconnection, you will be able to “absorb” more information and will give a higher efficiency.

Organizing and reviewing notes is important before going to bed. In this way your subconscious will “earn” more ideas that will “store” fresh in memory for the next day.

2. Learning by “collaboration” or study groups
Learning by “collaboration” or study groups is a team process by which students who study the same area, theme or topic  are helping and supporting each other in their learning efforts. It is better that teams to be composed of three to a maximum of five people – the more larger is the group the more difficult it will be to engage in this activity each person.

Each group member “empowers” the other to speak and contribute to the common effort and also seeking for solutions to problems and expanding the knowledge on the subject studied.
3. Practical “tools”
Cards, notes or post-it, tests your ability to recognize what is important and also ability to memorize the notes. This method is ideal for definitions, formulas or lists. Post the subject or question on one side of the sheet of paper and the response on the other side.

It’s a perfect way for students to learn on the run or have to learn a huge volume of material that requires review. Why not, another solution is to create an audio recording of the most important and thorny issues of material for a brief overview of them on the way to school or college.
4. Positive attitude or Positive thinking
It is commonly said about people that they either see the glass half full or the empty half of it. When you learn keep your mind open and give up pessimistic and depressed attitude imposed by … empty half of the glass. Students have the habit to perceive homework, tests and trials with a negative attitude. However satisfactory results in this area will help you get one step closer to your dreams and desired career.
5. Be smart and feed smart!
“You are what you eat” the notion that to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food. So the night before the exam do not start to get stuffed with junk food from fast food or snacks. Also, too much sugar can “blur” your brain and make you feel slow and tired on exam day.

Fish not part of teenagers’ favorite menu, but nutritionists recommend you eat plenty of fish. Fish meat is full of vitamins that are beneficial for brain activity and is the ideal food in the evening before the exam.

Use your memory skills effectively – only in this way you will create a perfect base for the knowledge you accumulate. Habit of Postponing the moment of sleep is a bad habit in the night before the exam and it’s severely criticized by psychologists. Hours of rest and sleep help you relax and “fix” better your knowledge.

Another issue is the bad habit of “fattening the turkey a day before Thanksgiving ” commonly practiced by students. Psychologists encourage students to use educational resources throughout the school year and not just during the period immediately preceding the examination. Only in this way you can ensure maximum marks in exam sessions!



Wendy Berry Mendes, UCSF Department of Psychiatry, explores how emotions, thoughts, and intentions are experienced in the body and how bodily responses shape and influence thoughts, behavior and emotions. In this seminar you will find a series of experiments and their results.

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