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Balloon experiment.

Sometimes simple solutions can solve the biggest problems. Yet, we still fall short in achieving results.

When 50 People Enter A Room Filled With Balloons 002



Pygmalion Effect – the vicious circle that defines our results

We have all heard of the “self-fulfilling prophecy“. One way to look at this idea is to say that “we get what we expect” and if we expect something to happen, our expectation will tend to make it so. Continue reading

Know Your Personal Space

Certainly one of the most important rules imposed in public spaces is to not invade the personal space of other people. But how did this concept evolved and why we feel so uncomfortable when it is violated? Continue reading


Learn subliminal messages you can use to influence people

Subliminal influencing is all about persuading people to make decisions based upon subtle messages, gestures or images that they might not be aware of. Whether you’re interacting with co-workers, friends or complete strangers, it helps to have the skill of coaxing others to follow your lead. It might not come naturally to you. But with enough rehearsal, you’ll quickly find that others submit to your influence with little resistance. Continue reading


Selective attention test


Do you think you’re pretty observant? There’s one way to find out. Click on the video link above. Continue reading