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The old Samurai


Near Tokyo lived a great Samurai, now old, who decided to teach Zen Buddhism to young people.

One afternoon, a warrior – known for his complete lack of scruples – arrived there. The young and impatient warrior had never lost a fight. Hearing of the Samurai’s reputation, he had come to defeat him, and increase his fame. Continue reading

Anger Management (Nails in the fence story)

Once upon a time there was a little boy who was talented, creative, handsome, and extremely bright. A natural leader. The kind of person everyone would normally have wanted on their team or project. But he was also self-centered and had a very bad temper. When he got angry, he usually said, and often did, some very hurtful things. In fact, he seemed to have little regard for those around him. Even friends. So, naturally, he had few. “But,” he told himself Continue reading

All that you knew about Stress is WRONG!!

If deep breathing, meditation, sports and crying on your friends shoulder does not help you stop stressing and relax … you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault! New studies on stress show that many of the old and well routed stress reduction management methods are nothing but … bedtime stories! Here is what researchers say that’s truth about things that really help reduce stress and the methods that do not work, especially to those with tauted nerves.
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