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How a belief was created


A group of scientists had put five monkeys in a cage and in the middle of the cage a ladder, above the lader a bunch of bananas. When a monkey climbed the ladder to take the bananas, the scientists threw a bucket of cold water on the other monkeys which remained below. After some time, when another monkey tried to climb the stairs, the other monkeys did not allow her. After a period of time no monkey would go up the ladder despite the banans temptation. When scientists replaced one monkey, the first thing this monkey did was climbing the Continue reading

Boost Your Brain Power. Examples and Ideas


Food for brain:

  • Fatty fish, seafood like salmon, albacore tuna, mackerel, and sardines are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, powerful and versatile nutrients that are essential for a healthy mind. About 40% of the fatty acids in brain cell membranes are DHA, one of the main omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil. Eat it at least twice a week (limit albacore tuna to no more than 6 ounces a week to minimize mercury exposure).
  • Avocado, oils, nuts and seeds¬†they all contain another important antioxidant: vitamin E. In one study, researchers found that people who consumed moderate amounts of vitamin E (from food not supliments) lowered their risk of Alzheimer Disease by 67%. Eat it frequently, 15 mg of E a day, the equivalentof 2 ounces of almonds.
  • Chocolate will sweeten your brain-boosting diet with the dark kind (at least 70% cocoa). It contains flavonoids, another class of antioxidants that some research links to brain health. Other flavonoid-rich foods include apples, red and purple grapes, red wine, onions, tea, and beer. Eat it frequently, as part of a healthy total calorie intake. Up to half an ounce daily has also been shown to lower blood pressure.
  • Whole grains like oatmeal, oat bran, brown rice, and so on help stabilize blood glucose (sugar) levels, compared with refined carbs like white bread and sugary foods. Your body digests these simple sugars quickly, so you have a sudden energy spike and subsequent plummet.Eat¬†it daily, aiming for 25 grams of fiber; fruits, vegetables, and beans are other
    good sources. Continue reading