Chinese face reading

 Face Reading (physiognomy) provides handy insights into your hidden personality, past history, current situation and future development. Your face is like your autobiography that is open to everyone to read. In short, your face reveals your fate.

Classic Chinese Face Reading originally derived from Daoist philosophy, and the oldest Chinese writing on this topic is commonly credited to Mr. Guiguzi (Ghost Valley Scholar: 481-221 BC), whose work is still in print to this very day.

Traditionally, Face Reading to Chinese was a lot more than merely another way of fortune telling. When Chinese medicine is concerned, it is as relevant today as it was in ancient China, frequently used to help build patient’s mental and physical profiles to aid diagnosis and treatment.

There are numerous ways to read a face in Chinese physiognomy: 3 Quarters, 8 Trigrams, 108 Spots, examining the shapes, the colours, the wrinkles and the moles, just to name a few. A master of face reader usually employs the combination of several techniques to gain multiple perspectives and perform cross-examination.

Following is a brief introduction to the 12 Houses method.


1, Fortune House (Fude Gong)

It gives an overview of your general fortune trend. An ideal Fortune House should be round, full and smooth with no visible marks, lines or scars. Flaws in these areas reflect problems in your life, which can be in the form of bad health, distressful relationships or money troubles.

2, Parents House (Fumu Gong)

It is associated with Heaven Luck, in this regard its state is quite a testimony to the situation that your parents were in and your relationship with them.

A forehead that is wide, round and shinning speaks of a good family inheritance, a comfortable upbringing and early achievement, while a small, bony or disfigured one illustrates an uneasy childhood.

3, Career House (Guanlu Gong)

Again, being broad, round and smooth is the basic criteria to identify a good Career House.

If on the top of that, you also have prominent cheekbones and protruding eyebrows, you shall have a great chance to achieve a great success in your chosen field.

4, House of Travel (Qianyi Gong)

If it is in any way disfigured with scars or deep lines, you might be better off saying put. Furthermore, jobs or businesses involving transportation, tourism or import/export are, understandably, not your best choice.

5, Life House (Ming Gong)

The key to your fortune is deposited here.

Naturally, being smooth and shinny is ideal, which suggests a trouble-free life journey. If it is receded, dimpled or scared; or there are permanent horizontal lines between the brows; or eyebrows meet in the middle, you may face a bumping road ahead.

6, House of Siblings (Xiongdi Gong)

It is represented by eyebrows and the areas directly above them, and it also oversees your relationship with your friends and colleagues.

The state of your hair has a direct connection to the physical conditions of your parents at the time when you were conceived, which means it has a lot to do with your genetic make-ups. Brows that are dark, thick, long, smooth, orderly and located high above eyes indicate a healthy hormone level that gives rise to affection, calmness and courage. If they look sparse, thin, pale, short, or chaotic, or too close to eyes, or marked with a scar, you could be tormented by your own physical or emotional states.

7, Assets House (Tianzhai Gong)

Your eyes betray your intelligence and temperament, and the very quality of these dispositions plays important role in your asset acquisition endeavour.

Good Asset Houses are constituted with eyes that are long with large pupils and clear whites, and up-eyelids that are broad and full. Deep-set or dazed eyes disclose dumbness, while recessed or narrow eyelids exhibit impatience. If the whites are coloured with red streaks, and worse, if the streaks pass through a pupil, you should brave yourself for a severe storm when your financial aspect is concerned.

8, House of Marriage (Qiqie Gong)

Being full and smooth in appearance indicates a happy marriage. A receded House however rings alarm bell on extra marital affairs. If the area bears visible spots, scars, black moles or messy lines, your marriage could be in serious trouble due to some unscrupulous conduct.

9, House of Children (Ernu Gong)

This area is closely related to cerebellum and also governs your love and sex life, so again, being full and round is better than being flat or receded. Dim moles or slant lines across the area are especially undesirable, suggesting some problems regarding your own sex life or your children’s future development.

10, Health House (Jie Going)

If the House is broken or marked with horizontal lines, or if it is stained with spots, marks or discolouration, you shall pay extra attention to your health, especially your digester system.

11, Wealth House (Caibo Gong)

A nose that has high and straight bridge, big and round tip, full and fleshy wings, and invisible nostrils, not only indicates sound physical health, a positive mental attitude, also denotes success in career and abundance in wealth.

On the other hand, a nose that is low, or crooked, pointed, or narrow, bony, or with contoured bridge, upturned tip, visible nostrils, reveal a problematic personality, a troublesome financial situation or a difficult career path. If blood vassals are clearly visible, or a dim blue colour tones the surface, an illness or a money loss is on the way. When a nose turns bloody red, which is dubbed Fire in Lounge in Chinese physiognomy, it should be viewed as a serious warning sign – an impending disaster is near.

12, Popularity House (Nupu Going)

This House rules your relationship with your colleagues, subordinates or younger generations, and foretells your situation in your old age.

When they are round and full, you can expect to enjoy your popularity among your followers. But if it sharps off, or appears crooked or bony, you probably should forget your dream about being a politician. And what’s more, you’d better prepare for self-support during old age.


15 thoughts on “Chinese face reading

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  3. P Dutta


    Do you provide free Human face reading ? Can you make free prediction by seeing the face picture of a person ? If I send a scan copy of a person’s face can you tell me wheather the person is fraud or genuine ? Wheather he is making false commitment or true commitment ? After getting your confirmation I will send you scan copy of a person’s face.
    Looking forward for your kind co-operation.
    Thank you
    Dipak Chandra Mondal (Kolkata)

    1. leadingpersonality Post author

      Analysis of facial expression, tone of voice and gestures can denote whether that person is hiding something or not. For a more accurate analysis it is required the use of all these techniques.

  4. Jessica

    Where is this woman i need her to look at my face and teach me id love to learn. Actually i want to really bad.


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