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Read body language, signs and gestures

It has happened to me sometimes to find more useful the ability to decode nonverbal communication while talking with persons that where using another language.

I’m not trying to rebulid the nonverbal alphabet but to group nonverbal communication and highlight only those gestures that are common. Those elements of communication that people use mostly and whose understanding is essential. Continue reading

Get out of the box

set your imagination free

In an experiment, a scientist placed a number of fleas in a glass jar. They quickly jumped out. He then put the fleas back into the jar and placed a glass lid over the top. The fleas began jumping and hitting the glass lid, falling back down into the jar. After a while, the fleas, conditioned to the presence of the glass lid, began jumping slightly below the glass lid so as not to hit it. The scientist then removed the glass lid as it was no longer needed to keep the fleas in the jar. The fleas have learned to limit themselves from jumping beyond the height of the lid even if the lid was removed as they have been conditioned to the fact that they cannot escape from the jar.

How a belief was created


A group of scientists had put five monkeys in a cage and in the middle of the cage a ladder, above the lader a bunch of bananas. When a monkey climbed the ladder to take the bananas, the scientists threw a bucket of cold water on the other monkeys which remained below. After some time, when another monkey tried to climb the stairs, the other monkeys did not allow her. After a period of time no monkey would go up the ladder despite the banans temptation. When scientists replaced one monkey, the first thing this monkey did was climbing the Continue reading

Self defeating questions? Forget about them,you should try AFFORMATIONS


This is an amazing tool!  It’s one of my favorites because it can create fast change in your habits, circumstances, and attitude.  And it’s one of the simplest ways to improve your level of happiness! Continue reading