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A bird ballet

“I was with the crew near Marseille for an advertisement spot. We were waiting to shoot a helicopter in the sunset when thousands of birds in the sky appeared and made ​​this incredible dance. It was amazing. We simply forgot all about our work and began shooting this little piece of poetry.” (Neels Castillon – director)

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Aromatherapy – balances your body and mind


Aromatherapy changes personal attitudes using essences and flavors. Each plant has a specific vibration frequency. So when use essential oil of a plant in a room or on your body you change vibration, balancing and harmonizing it. This changes the atmosphere, bringing calm, stimulation and energy, according to the used oil. Also aromatic oils produce negative ions, so, the air that is saturated with positive ions released by electrical devices changes frequency.

The use of essences and aromatic oils

Methods for using aromatic oils are many: spray, diffusion, in the bathroom, massage… is not important how you use them, but it’s important to use them daily. For example, add 10 to 12 drops of your chosen oil in a dark bottle that has 100 ml and a sprayer, add water, put the lid, shake and spray. Now you can use the oil on your body and in the house. Continue reading

Music therapy and it’s benefits

Leading PersonalityMusic therapy is a type of expressive psychotherapy  and it requires the use of music for therapeutic purposes.

The difference between music therapy entertainment and music education is that music therapy aims to meet therapeutic goals.

If you think for a moment and remember your childhood, which is the most striking image that comes in your mind? Mother holding you in her arms while …she’s singing a lullaby. And what was the effect? If you were crying, oftenly you would calm down and fall asleep with an innocent smile on your face imprinted. Continue reading