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Why does Reverse psychology works?


Reverse psychology is based on an emotional phenomenon called “reactance” that describes what in practice is that negative emotion that the mind generates when someone tries to convince us of something.
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Study: Harvard spent 75 years studying what makes men happy, interested?


In 1938, Harvard University started an ambitious study which followed 268 men for over 75 years. This study is recognized as the longest of its kind in the history of human evolution. The aim of the study was to determine, as accurately as possible, what factors contribute most to thriving human existence (Feel

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Handwriting analysis (graphology).


Graphology or handwriting analysis is an effective means of deciphering the personality and behavior of people, being used more and more in  recruitment and hiring, interviews and selections, counseling and career planning, as well as character analysis of the persons that violates the law.

In the late ’90s, most American companies and organizations used (and still use) handwriting analysis for recruitment and selection, personnel testing (psychological testing) and motivation. “The Wall Street Journal” in 1988, published the following news: in France, Spain, Holland and Israel about 80% of the top 500 fastest growing companies use handwriting analysis in human resource management, having consultants in graphology or having experts in handwriting analysis employed full-time. Continue reading