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Train Your Brain Against Anxiety.



We all become anxious from time to time whether it’s because of public speaking, an interview or a visit to the dentist.

1 in 4 people will experience some kind of anxiety problem in the course of an year. These feelings of anxiety may be associated with panic attacks, palpitations and even chest pain or heart attack. In women, the likelihood that they will suffer from an anxiety disorder is twice higher than in men. Continue reading

Study: Harvard spent 75 years studying what makes men happy, interested?


In 1938, Harvard University started an ambitious study which followed 268 men for over 75 years. This study is recognized as the longest of its kind in the history of human evolution. The aim of the study was to determine, as accurately as possible, what factors contribute most to thriving human existence (Feel Guide.com).

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Spring fatigue, physical and psychological effects

We hear more and more about fatigue, generalized weakness caused by changing temperature depression. and excessive light, which brings spring. What few of us know though is that often, instead of fatigue, a more serious illness is installed depression .

Problems do not appear in medical tests
How many people do not complain about lack of tone, a decrease in physical form, a malaise that can not be defined? And this happens even if we submit to medical examinations and obtain results perfectly normal. Apparently we are in good health, or, in other words, we have no condition to justify the need for medical treatment. And yet we feel tired and we are not in the best state of mind. Continue reading

All that you knew about Stress is WRONG!!

If deep breathing, meditation, sports and crying on your friends shoulder does not help you stop stressing and relax … you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault! New studies on stress show that many of the old and well routed stress reduction management methods are nothing but … bedtime stories! Here is what researchers say that’s truth about things that really help reduce stress and the methods that do not work, especially to those with tauted nerves.
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