Spring fatigue, physical and psychological effects

We hear more and more about fatigue, generalized weakness caused by changing temperature depression. and excessive light, which brings spring. What few of us know though is that often, instead of fatigue, a more serious illness is installed depression .

Problems do not appear in medical tests
How many people do not complain about lack of tone, a decrease in physical form, a malaise that can not be defined? And this happens even if we submit to medical examinations and obtain results perfectly normal. Apparently we are in good health, or, in other words, we have no condition to justify the need for medical treatment. And yet we feel tired and we are not in the best state of mind. The reason is simple as can be: it is called spring asthenia, and occurs in the transition between winter and spring. Fatigue is manifested by headache, palpitations, nervousness, decreased memory and unstable behavior signs of physiological adaptation efforts of the body due to new weather conditions.images

Fatigue is accompanied by depression
Most of the times comes not only fatigue. Once is installed it brings mild depression, which is characterized by a continuous state of sadness and loss of confidence. Depression it’s not something to joke about, especially because it often remains after fatigue isgone. The causes are many and could vary from person to person. This state of depression may be related to the change of season, but also it could be related to a series of physical causes, from a low diet in nutrients or a lack of exercise could lead to seasonal illnesses like flu.

The most common signs of depression :
A feeling of emptiness, anger and anxiety, fatigue, lack of energy, lack of interest in daily activities, insomnia, eating disorders, weight gain or loss, need for frequent crying, difficulty in making decisions, lack of concentration, feelings of guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, irritability. All these forms interact with each other. Thereby, a decreasing physical potential lowers the sexual potential, or a mental depression causes a small decrease in intellectual capacities.

What should we do to find the energy?

Choose for certain foods in diet:
Whole grains, that you can combine according to your taste: wheat germ, oats. You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever you can. Of vegetables eat especially carrots, red and green cabbage, spinach, lettuce, onions, garlic and dill. Of fruits eat whole apricots, plums or grapes, and lemons, oranges, apples, as juice or as fruit salads at least once a day. Honey with toast or drinks sweetened with honey: lemon juice freshly sweetened with a large spoon of honey can make up your daily breakfast. Magnesium, in the amount of about 300 mg of magnesium a day in tablet form. They should be taken in the morning during breakfast and at noon during lunch.

Learn to Introspect
Besides physical problems given by the weakened body, occurs psychiatric problems, generally translated by excessive emotion. The spring time stimulates creativity, generates the need to make plans to bring order in life, to take it over again. This new beginning show a rise in contradictory states that worsens the physical weakness due to spring fatigue. Spring can also be a release moment, bringing to surface the interior feelings and impulses which where neglected for a long time manage to manifest now through feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction or emptiness.

This period comes as a challenge to resolve all internal conflicts. To do this you have to resort to introspection, we have to establish very clear and simple wich are the things causing dissatisfaction, what we want to change and what we want to keep in our emotional lives.


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