Benefits of emotional detachment.


Emotional detachment is a state characterized by calm, is the ability to not be influenced by the people around you, the events or the avalanche of your own thoughts.

Emotional detachment helps you keep your balance and not take things in a very personal manner.

Emotional detachment is not the same as indifference, nor does it mean that interest or emotions are missing.
Indifferent people have no interest in anything and are usually passive. Authentic emotional detachment is different. It is an attitude that involves common sense, openness and a good behavior.

People that can detach emotionally, accept peacefully whatever is happening. They accept both positive and negative events because they are in a state of balance and inner peace. If there are certain aspects of their lives that they can not change their state will not change. With this attitude, people can enjoy success and learn from failure. If they succeed is great, but if not, they’ll try again without getting discouraged.

How many times have you been emotionally involved although this was not what you wanted?

How many times you become angry, frustrated or disappointed because of minor things?

How many times you changed your mood for no apparent reason?

How often you say that next time in a certain situation you will react calmly, but when you’re facing the same situation you have the same reaction?

In all these cases a dose of emotional detachment is useful. When faced with personal problems, it is a bit difficult to access this emotional detachment. In personal situations we become involved, which is expected, however a dose of emotional detachment would be very good.

When emotional detachment occurs?

1. When you meditate, there are a series of thoughts, which bring with them certain emotions, feelings, experiences. When you let your thoughts flow without cling to them emotional detachment occurs. When you stop focussing on your thoughts, emotion does not appear.

2. How do you feel when someone says something you do not like ? Most often you become upset, angry and feel hurt. Why does this happen? Because you value the opinion of others and it is more important what others think about you than what you think. Your state depends on the actions of others. When we can get the various remarks of the others without changing our mood, emotional detachment occurs . You remain calm, you might even get what is right for you from what you hear from others and you will not waste hours in which to think and consume yourself on things with no great importance .

3. When you worry you are not emotionally detached, you spend a lot of time thinking about that thing . Emotional detachment occurs when you can see the situation more objectively and focus on finding the best solution .

Emotional detachment is a sign of inner strength and is manifested by the ability to work calmly under any circumstances. Thus, you can help maintain a general state of well being, serenity and peace .

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