Handwriting analysis (graphology).


Graphology or handwriting analysis is an effective means of deciphering the personality and behavior of people, being used more and more in  recruitment and hiring, interviews and selections, counseling and career planning, as well as character analysis of the persons that violates the law.

In the late ’90s, most American companies and organizations used (and still use) handwriting analysis for recruitment and selection, personnel testing (psychological testing) and motivation. “The Wall Street Journal” in 1988, published the following news: in France, Spain, Holland and Israel about 80% of the top 500 fastest growing companies use handwriting analysis in human resource management, having consultants in graphology or having experts in handwriting analysis employed full-time.

If these multinational companies are paying lots of money on handwriting analysis experts to select and motivate staff, then I will use this tool in my own personal development and the development of interpersonal relationships!

Handwriting can give you away

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Handwriting analysis has proved the power it has to such an extent that the Supreme Court of the United States was forced to give a verdict regarding a dispute about whether or not there is a violation of the right to privacy of the individual.

U.S. Supreme Court in 1977 in the case United States v. Sydney Rosinsky(FRP249) gave the verdict: “The way a person’s handwriting looks is considered public information like for example, how the person dresses or similar to body language. So, psychological analysis extracted from this information is not considered a violation of the right to privacy of the individual.

What personality traits can be observed through handwriting analysis?

See here www.handwritinginsights.com with examples and data.

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