Become an Alpha Male starting with your Body Language

alpha male body posture

The way you communicate with other people has a tremendous impact on the level of your success. You’re allways communicating your thoughts, perceptions and ideas to other people whether you realize it or not.

The Alpha Male is extremely aware that he communicates to the world chiefly through his body language, facial expressions, eye movements and voice quality (studies have shown that up to 93% off what he communicates doesn’t come from his words).

Your words alone will never make you an effective communicator or leader. If you have great ideas and opinions, but just can’t get other people to go along with them, you may be neutralizing your powerfull words with body language that lacks confidence.

Dominant body language is what we are going to focus on. Studies have show that adopting body language associated with dominance can increase testosterone and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that Alpha Males should allways keep in mind:

  • Look people in the eye – it shows you are confident. Don’t dart your eyes around everywhere, it will make you look nervous.
  • Stand upright – shoulders back, chest out.
  • Don’t cross your arms – that shows you are protecting yourself, displays weakness.
  • Take up space – act like you are the king.
  • Don’t lean in – the king never leans in.
  • Don’t sway back and forth – looks like you are nervous.
  • Have your feet shoulders width apart or slightly wider – shows confidence and takes up space.
  • Don’t put your hand in your pockets
  • Stand facing everyone
  • Walk slow with long strides
  • Don’t hold anything in front of you – gives the impression that you are protecting yourself

Keep this body language habits all the time. You will get better and better the more you practice and exercise.

                                  Sit tall, sit proudly, sit like an Alpha Male.

3 thoughts on “Become an Alpha Male starting with your Body Language

  1. Bruno Babic

    Awesome list of the main alpha male dominant body language traits. I’d just like to add that what can significantly help a man project a natural dominant body language is getting out of his daily comfort zones and overcoming his daily fears.

    Once you do something that you were initially scared of, you’ll instantly get overwhelmed with wonderful emotions of being amazingly happy and extremely proud of yourself for just doing it. As a result, you’ll automatically start to project your dominant body language through both your posture and your walk.

    Having said that, based on my personal experience I dare to say that the quickest way for a man to fully embrace and start projecting his dominant body language in dating is often whenever he decides to boldly and confidently walk up to a super beautiful woman despite his initial fear and hesitation to do so.

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