How a belief was created


A group of scientists had put five monkeys in a cage and in the middle of the cage a ladder, above the lader a bunch of bananas. When a monkey climbed the ladder to take the bananas, the scientists threw a bucket of cold water on the other monkeys which remained below. After some time, when another monkey tried to climb the stairs, the other monkeys did not allow her. After a period of time no monkey would go up the ladder despite the banans temptation. When scientists replaced one monkey, the first thing this monkey did was climbing the ladder, but was held back and beaten by the others (the reason for this was the bucket full of cold water). After a few beatings none of the new group members had no longer climbed the ladder. A second monkey was replaced and the same thing happened. The first monkey being replaced enthusiastically participated in the fight. A third was changed and things were repeated. The fourth and fifth were finally changed. Finally, scientists remained with five monkeys that although never had received a cold water bath, continued to hit any monkey that was trying to reach the bananas. If it were possible for monkeys to be asked why they beaten those monkeys that tried to climb the ladder, the answer would have been “We do not know. Things have always been like this …”

Don’t be a monkey, start questioning.

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