Use your ears, but select what you want to hear

Cricket vs Coins

An American gets a visit from a friend arrived from India and takes him downtown New York. It was noon and the streets were full of people. Cars horning and taxi cabs rushing on the streets, sirens approaching, sounds of the city that seemed to go crazy any person. Suddenly his Indian friend said:
– I heard a cricket!
– It’s impossible to hear a cricket in all this noise! (told the American)
– I’m sure I heard a cricket! (Indian insisted)
– That’s crazy!
The Indian listened carefully for a moment then he crossed the street to an area where there were a few trees. He looked around under the branches and found little cricket. His friend was amazed.
– It’s incredible!
You must have a superhuman hearing!
– No, said the Indian. My ears are no different from yours. It depends on what you listen with them.
– But this isn’t possible! I could never hear a cricket in this noise!
– It depends on what is important to you, let me show you.
He reached his pocket and pulled a few coins, then he let them fall on asphalt pavement. Well, with all the deafening noise of the city they observed how all people within a ray of 5 meters have turned their head around to see if those fallen money were their own.
– See what I mean? said the Indian. It all depends on what is important to you. Listening to daily TV scandals, crimes, tragedys OUR EARS ARE AN EXTENSION OF OUR BRAIN, they receive everything  bad, ugly, nasty, dirty, useless. We induce fear. We become powerless, fearful of flight, cold, wind, food, the people around us, and what is worse afraid of our feelings …
WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE AND HOW …OR  WHEN we got this state.
The answer is: –  listening to so-called “information” taken from the media who are actually dust in our ears. Caught in this trap we say all day: it’s hard, people are mean, we live in an uncertain world, I do not trust anyone, and while all this the CRICKET SINGS, the leaves rustle, the waters sparkle and we don’t hear nothing. Tell this story to all friends because they all want to get rid of the dust settled on their ears as you just did!
If you want answers ask questions first!

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