Control your emotions and overcome negative thoughts


Fear sickens your kidney, anger affects your liver, brain and genitals, deep concern destroys your pancreas health and sadness disrupt lung function. These observations are very old, thousands of years ago Chinese considered that negative feelings where (and still are) the source of many diseases. Today the blame for your mental state, often miserable, is caused by stress represented by numerous and complex challenges of life. Negative emotions block the energy meridians which pass through different systems and organs. They are no longer fueled with energy and in time organs begin to work abnormal and inevitably get sick.

One of the ancient solutions used in modern stress combat is acupuncture. This type of technique restores your energy balance that has been affected by exhaustion and your body receives additional resources to cope with pressure. It increases your accomodation strength and thus the body will be able to compete successfully against severe diseases.

Another way to control poisonous emotions is meditation. The Buddhist monks pattern was taken by many therapeutic schools in the West because many researchers have shown a fact worth to consider: Buddhist monks are among the happiest people in the world. Through meditation, you begin to ignore the distractions from the environment and the brain begins to secrete endorphins, hormones of happiness.

The easiest method of emotional cleaning is jogging, dedicated source of endorphins. Essential condition for this small molecules of happiness to invade your brain is to spend at least 20 minutes on the running track or in the park. You will lose weight, get cleaned emotional, in other words you will increase your chances of a balanced life.

Smile with no effort!

It has been scientifically proven that we live longer and better if we smile every day. It is not a simple exercise of the facial muscles, but an external projection of positive feelings that you desire every day. All of this can be obtained if you:

1 You respect yourself. It is not advisable to be very self-critical. Increases the dose of kindness and respect for your person. Reserve time for hobbies, go to dance, learn a foreign language, read, do everything to perfect your personality!

2 Take care of your body. If you are in an excellent shape it will substantially improve your mental health. Respect balanced diet, go to the gym twice a week, drink lots of water and sleep as much as possible 8 hours a night. You’ll feel great!

3 Surround yourself with beautiful/good people. You will likely be happy if you deal only with quality people that loves their family and friends. Mee new people at the gym and in the clubs, be open minded!

4 Help others. You’ll feel much better when at the end of the day someone tells you: “Thank you!”

5 Manage stress situations. Do not argue and do not raise your voice from the beginning. Stress brings stress. It is better to see the fun in everything. Laughter boosts the immune system and it relax!

6 Rest your spirit. Long walks in nature, a few minutes of playing with your favorite pet or Chinese meditation removes your anxiety and depression!

7 Set realistic goals. Decide what you want with your life and set precisely the steps in achieving your personal and professional goals. Aim to get everything but set terms that you can respect. You’ll feel great as you will check your goals one by one.

8 Banish monotony. Although routine increases efficiency and your sense of confidence in what you do the changes are always welcome. Go to another gym, change the restaurant where you eat or go on trips unscheduled!

9 Avoid alcohol and antidepressants. This combination can be fatal, even if they give you the impression that you got rid of the problems.

10 Ask for help. There are situations when you cant face challenges. Do not hesitate to ask for professional help. It is not a sign of weakness, this can help you go back to normal.



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