How to eliminate fears and phobias.

Let’s first talk about imaginary fears and natural fears. When a fear is caused by a threat to our body, our integrity or our health it would be a real fear and a natural defending reaction you could get in this case is also known as Fight or Flight (if you are in a situation in wich you can fight  then do so, if not then run). When our mind and body senses this real danger it produces adrenaline and this adrenaline is necessary for us to have a natural energy reserve to put this expression ”Fight or Flight” in to action. But if due to imaginary fears our body produces adrenaline continuous the consequence is that we will get sick. It is healthy to get a “dose” of adrenaline from time to time but if this adrenaline continuously flods our body it leads to anxiety and then to depression. Most of our fears are imaginary, products of our mind, fears like: fear of darkess, heights, water, thunder, closed spaces, public speaking and so on,these fears are not programmed in our genetic code but are produced by our mind. Another important thing about imaginary fears is that while our body is continually floded with adrenaline our immune system will weaken.

We do not have to live with these fears and phobias because they get us sick they restrict our freedom and the solution I recommend me is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

This is a technique related with acupuncture and it is also known as ”emotional technique without needles” because is made with our fingers instead of needles. The basic ideea is that fear, phobia and other related emotional feelings are only a symptom an effect showing us that the energy can not flow properly throughout the body, and what we do in this case is we start tapping our endpoints of energy Meridians.


Doing the process

The diagram indicates the tapping points we use. Using the points on the upper part of the body only is quite often sufficient to bring about the desired relief (Known as the short cut). Using the additional points in the hand can provide further opportunity for “straightening out” the energy in our bodies.

  1. Start by identifying the issue you would like to work on.
  2. Rate the intensity of the feeling on a scale of 0 – 10 at the current moment where 10 is the most intense; so for example the intensity of your head or back ache, or the intensity of any emotion – fear, anger, sadness etc.
  3. Then by either massaging your “sore spot” or by tapping your “karate chop point”, say three times…
    Even though I have this (insert problem here)______________ , I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  4. Then, tapping on each point approximately 7 times each and starting from the eyebrow point, tap on each point in the order they appear down the body. After the under arm point, finish off the cycle at the top of the head.
  5. Do this tapping sequence twice (point 4) using any two fingers along either side of the body – it is not necessary to tap on both sides and it is completely OK to alternate from one side to another. Using two fingers again seems to work in that it increases the chances of targeting the exact point.
  6. Once you have done two rounds of tapping, score the intensity of the problem on a scale of 0 – 10. The problem could have:Stop when you feel relief and ready to move on.
    1. Disappeared completely – well done!
    2. Reduced in intensity – do more rounds of tapping, adjusting the wording appropriately (e.g. “even though I still feel a bit sad or I have this remaining sadness, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”)
    3. Changed to something else or in the case of a physical pain, moved to elsewhere in the body (do further rounds of tapping, adjusting the wording appropriately)
    4. Increased in intensity – this is relevant feedback and again alter your wording to fit what you are feeling as you do further rounds of tapping.

For a better understanding I posted a video where you will see how this technique it is made.

Have a great day!


One thought on “How to eliminate fears and phobias.

  1. logesh

    EFT Tapping is applicable for all age sector peoples, even child and elderly people. EFT Tapping is based on Trust, belief, love and self acceptance. With proper knowledge, Tapping can be easily performed by anyone.


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