Daily Archives: March 21, 2013

How to eliminate fears and phobias.

Let’s first talk about imaginary fears and natural fears. When a fear is caused by a threat to our body, our integrity or our health it would be a real fear and a natural defending reaction you could get in this case is also known as Fight or Flight (if you are in a situation in wich you can fight  then do so, if not then run). When our mind and body senses this real danger it produces adrenaline and this adrenaline is necessary for us to have a natural energy reserve to put this expression ”Fight or Flight” in to action. But if due to imaginary fears our body produces adrenaline continuous the consequence is that we will get sick. It is healthy to get a “dose” of adrenaline from time to time but if this adrenaline continuously flods our body it leads to anxiety and then to depression. Most of our fears are imaginary, products of our mind, fears like: fear of darkess, heights, water, thunder, closed spaces, public speaking and so on,these fears are not programmed in our genetic code but are produced by our mind. Another important thing about imaginary fears is that while our body is continually floded with adrenaline our immune system will weaken. Continue reading