Aromatherapy – balances your body and mind


Aromatherapy changes personal attitudes using essences and flavors. Each plant has a specific vibration frequency. So when use essential oil of a plant in a room or on your body you change vibration, balancing and harmonizing it. This changes the atmosphere, bringing calm, stimulation and energy, according to the used oil. Also aromatic oils produce negative ions, so, the air that is saturated with positive ions released by electrical devices changes frequency.

The use of essences and aromatic oils

Methods for using aromatic oils are many: spray, diffusion, in the bathroom, massage… is not important how you use them, but it’s important to use them daily. For example, add 10 to 12 drops of your chosen oil in a dark bottle that has 100 ml and a sprayer, add water, put the lid, shake and spray. Now you can use the oil on your body and in the house.

To improve vibrations use a light aroma, is one of the oldest methods. Archaeologists found ceramic burners for aromatherapy in Syria, 1300 BC, which looked the same as those of today. If you use candles, you can put a few drops of oil into the already melted wax; attention some oils are flammable.

Learn to be your own alchemist. You can create essences that are shown or create your own mix. Ancient perfume manufacturers were priests or those in charge of sacred rites. They understood the power of flavors and were skilled at using them to amplify the power of rituals. You can do the same. When you create mixtures you create a sacred atmosphere.

There are five easy steps to be done while applying essences:

1. Relax, release disturbing thoughts

2. Focus on your intention

4. Say your intention and visualize your wish fulfilled

5. Spray desired oil or combination of oils.

Essential oils are wonderful remedies for children, they are especially receptive to their energies. Sprayed into the air, they immediately change the energy in that room.

Perfumes have long been used in homes and sacred places to change the energies and create a balanced environment.

The main element that turns the scent into a positive energy and harmony is determination, confidence, belief you want to make changes in your life. Main condition is to know what you want to change and how you want to improve your life.

When essential oils are released in to the room can help bring changes in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by triggering, and strengthening our bodies. These changes the atmosphere making it more calm, more stimulating and / or energizing – it depends on the oil used.

Some fragrances and flavors indicated in solving health problems

Indigestion, muscle spasms:

Peppermint, chamomile, orange, lemon, cinnamon, lavender

Sinusitis, upper respiratory tract inflammation, bronchitis:

Eucalyptus, pine, thyme, sandalwood

Colds, decreased immunity:

Incense, frankincense of Java, white musk

Flu, colds, sore throat, tonsillitis:

Thyme, pine, eucalyptus, tea tree, cinnamon, rosemary

Protection against colds and flu:

Tea tree, basil, lavender, eucalyptus, bergamot (Citrus Bergama), rosemary,


Basil, mint, thyme, lemon, sage, tea tree, eucalyptus

Hypertension, palpitations, stress:

Ylang-ylang, lavender, lemon

Poor blood circulation:

Rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, mint, thyme

Nervous tension, stress, insomnia:

Chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood, lavender, orange

General weakness for toning, increasing immunity:

Basil, jasmine, peppermint, ylang-ylang, neroli (Citrus Bigaradia), rosemary

It is good that throughout the pregnancy strong smelling perfumes or fragrances should not be used.

Essences and aromatic oils recommended:

Bergamot: provides confidence, creativity, self-assertion, performance, encouragement, strength, motivation, achievement. Counteracts feelings like helplessness, fatigue, stress, nervous tensions.

Cedar wood – Atlas: self-assertion, confidence, self-control, dignity, power, tenacity, firmness. Counteracts selfishness, concern, fear, chaos thinking, anxiety, anguish.

Cypress: self-assertion, confidence, creativity, wisdom, direction, justice, power, courage, generosity. Counteracts fear, inability to express yourself in your own interest, uncontrolled passions.

Incense: meditation, wisdom, insight, healing, self-assertion, performance, positive thinking, acceptance, decision, determination. Counteracts fear, fatigue, distrust.

Ginger: gives strength, confidence, courage, warmth, determination, empathy. Counteracts lack of direction, lack of target and concentration, apathy, fatigue.

Basil: helps the conscious mind, the awareness, incentive, purpose, confidence, enthusiasm, joy. Counteracts mental fatigue, exhaustion, lack of focus and direction, confusion, indecision.

Eucalyptus provides attention, concentration, motivation, emotional and energetic balance, logical thinking, positive change, freedom. Counteracts irrational thoughts, impulsiveness, lack of concentration, mood swings.

Sage: brings euphoria, calm, self-awareness, warmth, harmony, balance, peace, inspiration. Counteracts illusions, fatigue, emotional instability, melancholia, depression, nightmares, nervousness, tension, stress.

Jasmine: brings spirituality, visionary dreams, self-awareness, euphoria, joy. Counteracts pessimism, indifference, jealousy, bitterness, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety.

Chamomile: peace, joy, healing, relaxation, understanding, empathy, calm, meditation, peace, empathy, patience, consciousness / self recognition. It makes you less grumpy, relieves emotional baggage, stress, anger, depression.

Sandalwood: bring self-awareness, spirituality, meditation, introspection, lighting, balance, unity, comfort, harmony, serenity. It acts against possessiveness, inability to forgive, cynicism, aggression, anxiety, nervous tension, irritability.

Juniper: provides attention, concentration, clairvoyance, spiritual support, enlightenment, meditation, wisdom. Counteracts nervous and mental fatigue, lack of self-confidence, dissatisfaction, guilt.

Lemon: provides concentration, purification, clarity, attention, consciousness. Counteracts mental blocks and fatigue, depression, resentment, apathy, lack of humor, stress, fear, irritability.

Peppermint: helps the conscious mind, gives attention, communication, vitality, acceptance, versatility, stimulates emotional and mental clarity, concentration, regeneration and vitality. Counteracts mental fatigue, laziness, apathy, helplessness.

Rosemary: helps the conscious mind, memory, concentration, regeneration, focus, clarity. Counteracts memory loss, learning difficulties, disorientation, indecision, tension and emotional fatigue.

Geranium: brings creativity, comfort, balance, humor, security. Eliminates fear, extreme changes in mood, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, emotional lability, sensitivity.

Grapefruit: brings emotional clarity, freshness, joy, confidence, positive thinking, spontaneity, emotional purification. Eliminates dependency, distrust, self criticism.

Lavender: brings health, love, inner peace, contentment, rest, compassion, kindness, equilibrium, comfort, integrity, compassion, security, relaxation, emotional balance. Prevents insecurity, mood changes, nervousness, impatience, inner conflicts, obsessive behavior.

Pine: brings understanding, healing, forgiveness, trust, love, acceptance, understanding, patience, humility, communion with others, confidence. Prevents feelings of discontent, exaggerated protection feeling towards others.

Thyme: strengthens the convictions, a slight feeling of strength, vigor, tolerance, support, warmth. Conteracts lack of direction, intellectual and physical fatigue, excessive reactions.

Orange: brings self-forgiveness, acceptance, brings contentment, joy, happiness, warmth, good feelings, balance, physical energy, understanding, forgiveness, confidence in others. Eliminates regret, guilt, personal dissatisfaction, criticism, lack of response, lack of compassion.

Ylang Ylang: sexual activity, sensitivity, positive emotions, unity, joy, self-confidence, warmth. Eliminates resentment, jealousy, selfishness, stubbornness, shyness

Black pepper: brings security, stability, protection, physical energy, courage, motivation. Counteracts fatigue, confusion, indecision, irrational thinking, frustration, mental fatigue.

Clove: for healing, personal satisfaction, creativity, happiness and protection. Conteracts obsessions, lack of self-confidence.

Rose: brings love, peace, sex, beauty, comfort, self-confidence, harmony, passion, cooperation, fulfillment, forgiveness. Against bitterness, sadness, feeling of clinging, fear of love, fear of not being loved, jealousy, self-destruction, emotional injury, abuse.

Patchouli: brings physical energy, self-confidence, vigor, counteracts indecision, laziness, tension, mood swings, stress.

Vetiver (long roots, fibrous, an aromatic plant that grows in eastern India, Vetiveria sizanoides) brings us down to earth, brings power, honor, confidence, protection, integrity, connects the mind with the body. Counteracts fear, intellectual fatigue, irritability, exhaustion, lack of purpose.

Note: oils should be used with caution, may cause allergies to sensitive people also caution against children younger than 3 years and dangerous in case of pregnancy.

We also recommend you to try oils that where not covered in this brief list. Trust your intuition and it will lead to the oils you need at that moment.images


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