Persuasion- the art of getting what you want (I)

Leading PersonalityHow do you get people to think and behave a little differently? Persuasion is an art—If you push too hard, you will risk being aggressive. If you nudge too lightly, you may turn into a pest. A thoughtful, persuasive argument can lead you to getting what you want. Persuasion in the human world equals physical strength and speed in the animal kingdom. As an animal is stronger and faster, it becomes the hunter and catches his prey.The one who survives and grows is strong and fast.

Your ability to persuade plus your inner motivation are the foundation of your success.When I think about the power of persuasion, I have in mind not only techniques and methods, but also mistakes that people make while communicating and then they start complaining that they failed to convince.

We all handle and use techniques of manipulation and persuasion! The difference between manipulation and persuasion consists in intended purpose and that you‘re giving the other the opportunity to say no or yes consciously.

Further I will explain a few persuasion tricks that work

Social skill

How to use this rule of social approval? When you want to convince someone with a personal opinion is important to realize what social pattern that man has when it comes to be persuaded.

There are two main patterns of social persuasion:

  • inside pattern: People with an inside conviction pattern have high self esteem and we will never convince them by saying “everyone around says that it’s good to swim with sharksThese people are those who have developed in time their power in making a decision. I mean there are people that work as managers, leaders, bosses, experts in certain fields. When you want to convince them use phrases like:You’re the one who can realize what benefits you have if

    Only you know how useful it can be if
  • external pattern: People with an external pattern are people who have been taught to listen to others. People who have not developed their own ability to judge and let others decide for them. You can convince people that have external pattern if you formulate phrases like this:

      “Everyone says it’s important ….

      – “Absolutely everyone did this ….

      – Nobody has done that (if you want to convince them not do something)

How to capture attention

Everyday we are subjected to an avalanche of information and we are familiar with people that try to convince us by giving to much information. This type of approach does not impress us anymore. You should not try to convince with an amount of information used. That was a trick that was used 30 years ago. Now It matters to provide emotions quickly. This is how you capture attention in this age of speed.

The principle is interesting. Part of the mind that processes information is also dealing with the perception of time and sometimes you feel that you are bored because of too much information. But the part of your mind that deals with emotions does not perceive time. You will never get bored of a positive emotion. It is likely for the emotion to diminish and you will want it again, but as long as the emotion is intense you will not feel as time goes by and you will not get bored of it.

The idea is based on ​​waking up emotions on the person you are talking with. But to do that we must capture their attention. Capture attention and emotion activation are stuck together. So learn from actors and those around you how to capture attention and how to stir emotions in others. Practice with different methods, tell a joke, touch thei hand, say their name, use a word which the person uses more often.

Reduce their distraction

In this way the message is more convincing. Your message becomes the only important stimulus and therefore is more likely to be taken into account.
What to be careful when you are using this principle:
If you want to convince someone accidentally stop the TV or music in the room.
Position yourself with your back to a wall with not many visual elements on it, so the person will be focused on you.
Use less gestures with your hands to not distract.
When a person is distracted by something (maybe an ambulance from the street, phone ringing, etc) take a break and do not speak in that time because you’ll overlaid with a disturbing element.
Your message will capture attention when there will be fewer stimuli distracting.

I will continue this topic later this week. Leading Personality

Have a great day.



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