The Secret

images22What is the Secret?

You’ve probably already watched the moviedocumentary The Secret (The law of Attraction)”, or maybe you heard about it from friends, colleagues or acquaintances. For those of you who have not watched the documentary, I will try in this article to make a short presentation, as in the following articles will talk in more detail about how we can use “the secret” and how we can apply it in our life, in all domains that we want to improve.

Those who have not watched The Secret” are probably wondering which is the secret? In short, The Secret is the Law of Attraction. The shortest definition of this law, energies that are the same attract. To understand what is this about, we first need to understand how is success related to this energy¬† that we want to get, whether it is health, happiness, money and harmonious relationships.

What is the Law of Attraction?index

Law of Attraction is based on one of the 7 Laws of the Universe and that is the Law of Vibration. The law of vibration says that everything vibrates is in constant motion. Researchers and scientists unanimously agree that everything is composed of energy. The car you drive, the computer, the house you live, and even you and me and everything is made of energy which vibrates at a certain frequency.

Based on this theory, the Law of Attraction says that we are like a magnet: we attract in our lives things, events, people, events that resonate with what we are thinking. The Law of Attraction can be summed up in three words: “thoughts become things“.

Many people do not understand that thoughts have a frequency. So if we think the same thing repeatedly we emit thoughts that vibrates at a certain frequency. We are like walkie-talkies, emit and receive signals. We get things and happenings in tune with the thoughts and feelings we emit.

Law of Attraction does not take into account the fact that what we think is good or bad, like it or not. It only responds to our thoughts. When we have a problem and we start complaining, we get angered or overwhelmed by a sense of fear, this is the signal send in the universe. Therefore, according to the Law of Attraction, we get back a variety of situations and events that are in accordance with our moods.

There is much to say about the Law of Attraction. For beginers I recommend you to watch the documentary. It is a very interesting documentary, though it is showed/explained only a fraction of the Secret.
I advise you to think positive, try to see the bright side in any problem you encounter and remember: “We become what we think.”


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